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tv   [untitled]    March 23, 2011 12:30pm-1:00pm PDT

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boundaries. at this point in time, legislation has not passed, the benefit does not exist, and no company or individual organization is obligated to pay into any community benefit, enter into any committed to benefit plan. for us to say, any organization should receive it, one, there is a conflict with regards to the . second, there is no company able to benefit from this at this point in time. we have not passed legislation. what can do is we can move forward the process and make sure we question the departments when it is implemented. we cannot say there is any benefit from the benefits package at this time. there are no companies obligated to do that. and there is a conflict with the charter will regarding -- the
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charter rule regarding our responsibilities in jurisdiction. what needs to be improved is the public process, insuring that that process be a fair one, -- ensuring that that process be a fair one. supervisor mirkarimi: i appreciate that refereeing. we have had cases of it. i have been on budget for five years. these examples have been vetted for consideration by any one of us who would have said the introduction of the new document -- it is the courtesy of providing public review. it is not a violation whatsoever. that is where i am a little bit unclear.
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ok, i hear that. my largest concern is i think the city is potentially linking and linking to soon -- too soon. we are negotiating almost in happenstance. now this raises questions potentially about, well, should we risk the urban image by moving to the suburbs? now we are linking demand by the potential of the promise of the community deal, but we do not perceive what the content of that community deal is pure yet -- community deal is. i think this is in in your favor. i do not want to make this process too onerous. i think need to combine with
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your ideal of being inclusive. by not doing so, we undermine the integrity of the process. supervisor chu: thank you, supervisor mercury me. supervisor kim? supervisor kim: can lead to a hearing just on the process being put in place, to coordinate the benefits agreement? supervisor chu: sure, you could introduce a hearing request that could come to this committee and it could be as broad as he wanted to be. the board always has the power of inquiry. you cannot use the authority of the board to dictate to the department how they should enter into the agreement. supervisor mirkarimi: but to the supervisor kim's question -- i
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asked the department last week -- supervisor chu: was that your question? supervisor kim: yes. supervisor mirkarimi: sari. i thought she was done. there had been analysis accompanying the upgrade of muni service as it is implicated in the mid-market transformation. we are now getting word with the controls being precise from the various stations. there is no financial data attached to what we are losing and any other neighborhood stations. i feel like we are not in the negotiating seat. but we do have is the power of inquiry.
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that power of inquiry, i think, is best supported by either having continued process or the process of a hearing, but that hearing should not come after a vote is taken. supervisor chu: thank you, supervisor mirkarimi. just be clear -- the comments i have heard indicate that the officer will be extending their walk one block. this is, i think the testimony from our budget analyst, it indicated the extension would be for one block. thank you. supervisor mirkarimi: let's underscore that. supervisor kim: i just wanted to reiterate that the bus line or the -- i think there is a degree of input on the structural
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services through the budget process. there is nothing in the legislation that indicates the potential for the 47 going to caltran to civic center in the legislation. my preference would be to bring this to the full board for tuesday, april 5. we will be more than happy to consider a hearing just on the development of the mta process at the budget committee. there is nothing in the legislation for discussion or amendments at this point. the point of contention is -- supervisor chu: if i could ask members of the public to respect the work of the committee.
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when we have public comment, we will allow you to complete your comments. thank you. supervisor, which like to finish? -- would you like to finish? supervisor kim: [unintelligible] >> [unintelligible] supervisor chu: so, we do have a motion on the floor and that is to send the item forward without recommendation? supervisor kim? supervisor kim: the reason i want to send this forward as i believe there is consensus on this committee to send it forward. supervisor chu: thank you very much, supervisor kim. we have a motion on the floor. why don't we call the roll on the item? the motion is to send the item forward without recommendation. so, we are ok with that? all right.
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it is going to be done without objection. do we have any other items before us? >> that is the subcommittee agenda. supervisor chu: thank you. we are adjourned.
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>> he has looked at the quality. he believes in people and human rights. he's one of the greatest guys i know and i'm so happy that he is our major. i bring to you mayor edwin lee. [applause] >> good afternoon. welcome. thank you very much for that
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wonderful introduction. i have a lot to be happy about. this is the 100th anniversary celebrating international women's day and to tell you we have quite a bit to celebrate. we probably have the highest number of women commissioners ever in the history of the city today. isn't that wonderful we have clearly a good and growing balance of women on the board of supervisors, commissions, agency appointments, and department heads. i'm proud to be heading up this very complicated city. [laughter] one that does not let me sleep very much. certainly -- i said this in many occasions. these last eight weeks, i've
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fallen in love with the city evening the for the eight weeks ago because it's such a wonderful place to be. every community that i visite, t fascinates me how so many other people who work here, but even those who do not just love the city and they do what they can to make sure it is running well. it is very natural that as i am thrust with the responsibility of being mayor that i look for talent. i think a lot of the talent is with the women in san francisco. [applause] it has been my pleasure to have been an employee of this wonderful government for some 22 years now. to take you back, i had the pleasure of serving another majoyor some years ago, one that taught me a lot of things.
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one of the things that i recall back in the late 1990's, the early 2000's, was when i was the director of public works. there was this report that came out. it had been a conference at the united nations and this report was being taken very seriously by the commission on the status of women, but one of the things it had not been able to do was penetrate key departments of the city that had been male- dominated for many years. would you think dpw fit that description? it certainly did. this report was handed to me through the mayor's office. of course, the mayor then was mayer brown. and said, "what are you going to
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do with this?" of course, the first thing you do is read it with the understanding that there's probably a lot of information there that's going to be very hard and goals and programs that will be difficult to implement at the department of public works, which have historically been a very male-dominated agency. we made a commitment to the mayor that we would study that report and implement every single one of those as it applied to every level. i was willing to do that. surrounding the were a lot of other powerful women who said it would not be that hard. all you had to do was pay attention. all you had to do was not take no for an answer. all you had to do was look forward, not backwards. with those very little pieces of advice, we took on that task and we found mid-level managers. we found that many women that
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were trying to get even to the blue-collar work, the work on the streets, had to be treated more equally. they had to the processes that were fair. as we went up the ladder, we found it to be easier and easier because we simply paid attention to it in a short time, i was able to report back to our mayor that this program of implementing the principles and making sure that it happened in the very blue-collar department of public works was going on in a very good case. i was able to identify midlevel managers who were women. they were all there for many years, but they just were not invited to become part of management in an open way. i'm here to say to you that a
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lot of fire successes -- a lot of our successes reflect efforts made in the past. i do not think they were too difficult to make one to focus on them. a lot of that also had to do with the enthusiasm that the city has brought to making those goals are real. a lot of that enthusiasm came from the women's summits in san francisco. the one that i remember i did not even get a ticket to because it was so crowded. it's the one mayer brown introduced to the city when he revived the mayor's some -- when he revived the women's summit. i knew there would be a lot of things that came out of that. those of you in those days, you were fighting for those tickets. i just gave up and said what do i have to do. as we looked at the videotapes
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and the press events that followed, we were blessed with a lot of great insights. the encouragement from women of international stature coming from all over the world attending this summit. that makes it easy for me to say to you that the things that i'm doing now and the things that i have done are a lot credited to the predecessors that opened the doors for me and opened the doors for many women. it's very easy to introduce to you someone who has earned this title. this year's man of the year award goes to willie brown, jr. [applause] come on up.
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mr. mayor, thank you very much. i'm just delighted that you are in a position to be able to present this to me. i'm going to work and see if i can win it next year and i'm going to ask you to stick around. [laughter] [applause] and present it to me next year in your capacity as mayor of san francisco. [applause] mayor lee, you have got to know that the women of san francisco that you giave an opportunity to
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in your capacity as the chief administrative officer of the city -- even to the state, the person you designated to replace you, a woman. you elevated women to positions of importance inside of the mayor's office. i saw naomi little out there. one of your deputies -- i do not think they called them deputies anymore. every man has his impression on what happened in this city. i am delighted. i'm going to tell you. many of you on the women's summit when we did those -- when i look around and i see jackie and i think about susan and all
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the other women who headed the mayor's summit -- i hope that as your term unfolds, may yor, you will find athink distinguisn more ways than one. we clearly became the first city to champion what was supposed to be the process being led by the un. we were the very first city to do that with reference to women. [applause] i do not think there is any other municipality anywhere in this country that ever matched what we did in terms of trying to inspire women to become full participants in the pursuit of justice and equality.
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i'm just delighted, mr. may or, for you to present this award. to all of you will have been responsible, shelly, and others, i'm delighted. it's going to go on my wall. i'm going to prove to my daughter susan and to sonia that somebody thinks i'm a man of the year. [applause] [laughter] >> we have one more quick presentation before we do a couple of things. a couple of people mentioned the past womens' summit. jackie is one of them. there are others here. if we could just ask you to stand up. we want to recognize you for the work you did and the history you created. thank you. [applause]
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>> we have something else for mayor brown. i'm having to present him the jet by night -- jdei knight award for all the years he's been working in the death star. you know all the things he has done to support us. we especially want to give him this award for being the first state legislator in the country to find family planning for low- income women. in the 1970's, when he was on the national board of planned parenthood. i do not know if you know that, but i was there. we want to give him a weapon today to help us as a fundamentalists tried to take
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those rights away from us. mayer browor brown -- [laughter] [applause] >> may the force be with you. [laughter] they the force be with you and with us -- may the force be with you and with us. >> a jedi warrior. now you know what was behind that mask darth vader was wearing. me. >> at this time, i want to acknowledge a couple of people outside of our committee.
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